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The average cruiser owner likes to add chrome doodads.
They can either be rebuilt again, replaced with OEM, or replaced with a manual tap.
Anything more involved will require a mechanic's eye.
Take the bags off and you have a Sport Bike.Commuting, long distance tours, and short sporty dayrides are all in her bag of tricks.The water pump is in that general area too.These are a little harder to fix but not terminal.This should be enough to give you a general idea compte cadeau fournisseur of the bike's condition.Feel behind them for cracks, caisse epargne depot de cheque wrinkles, or bends.The flatspot (some call it a stumble) can be fixed with a little fine tuning.The cupping doesn't necessarily indicate any terminal problem.Gene Kinzell has over 300,000 miles on his '87.If she has been dropped and the bags were on, the mounting "antlers" could have cracked too.Great rides are scheduled locally, regionally, and nationally.Why else give her such a huge tank?